A fistful of firsts

An update at long last, dear reader! Kate and I have both been stupidly busy writing copy for a book in our free time of late; I could tell you what the subject matter is, but if I did I’d have to kill you. Suffice it to say that given the topic, the fact that I seem to have started referring to myself in the third person when speaking to Dylan is somewhat alarming.

Since my last update, there have been a number of exciting firsts; Dylan has now experienced his first Christmas during which he learned to roll on to his front and, after a few episodes of whingeing, onto his back again. His first tooth then appeared and was soon joined by another.

We’ve also started to wean him, so he’s experiencing all kinds of weird and wonderful flavours for the first time. Banana porridge seemed to elicit the most batshit-insane response – although he did decide he would rather wear it the other day while my back was turned for all of 10 seconds – while the cauliflower cheese resulted in a distinctly unimpressed countenance.

Can’t blame him for that though, it does smell like farts. Of course, all this solid food has resulted in another inevitable first – or should that be ‘second’ if we’re talking about number twos?

The nappies have got smellier and heavier and, thanks to a combination of the Christmas refuse collection schedule and my own forgetfulness, I now know what it is like to manoeuvre a wheelie bin containing more than my own bodyweight in used nappies down a narrow back alley that the Victorians didn’t want people to negotiate with any semblance of comfort or ease.

The positive is that this dirty job alone was probably enough to sweat off the turkey, so I may be releasing an alternative exercise DVD involving a binload of crap later this year – how could it fail to catch on?


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