Dawn of the Dad

I’ve always loved zombie films; there’s nothing quite like the chaos that ensues when a group of mismatched survivors hide away from an ever-increasing army of the undead and, one by one, succumb to the inevitable in the name of entertainment.

The thing I like most in these films is not the clunky plot and dialogue, the gore, the inventive methods of dispatching with the walking corpses or the character studies of what a group of otherwise normal people would do when faced by apocalyptic events; it’s the zombies themselves. You have to admire them; although they are slow, stupid and almost too amusing to be considered a threat, they almost always win and everybody loves an underdog story.

Imagine my delight then when, thanks to the arrival of my first child, Dylan, I realised that I had become one of my silver-screen heroes. Yes, this is a slightly odd way to start a blog about the happiest event in my life – alongside getting married to my wife, Kate, of course – but, much like the hapless victims in the films of George Romero et al, I haven’t slept in a while. I now amble my way through my days in a fairly aimless fashion doing stupid things and groaning like a flesh-eating fiend at the effort that this requires.

In this blog I’ll be banging on about my new experiences as a dad in the hope that others may enjoy and relate to them. Thanks for reading this far and I hope that, like the zombies, you come back!


  1. Sam

    Sticking with the film analogies – I’m getting more of a Predator experience – where my son is the predator and I’m Arnold. Or maybe Danny Glover. But less hard. And the predator wins. The kid has certainly oozed luminous green goo at some point…

    If we have another, fingers crossed we don’t get an Alien vs Predator experience. Partly because of the potential for damage (acid for blood!) but mainly because those films were shit.

  2. Lol

    Disengagingly engaging, funny and, in the strangest of ways, life-affirming … if/when Dylan gets wind [sic] of this blog he might take revenge and become Shorn of the Dad.
    Keep on ZZZing.

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