Top 12 Educational Youtube Channels For Young Kids

Top 12 Youtube Channels for Young Kids

YouTube has become a treasure trove of educational and entertaining content for young children. It’s a platform where creativity meets learning, and where fun meets education.

With an array of channels catering to children aged between 4 and 9, it can be quite a task to sift through and find the best ones.

This guide will walk you through the top 12 YouTube channels for young children, in no particular order, discussing their content style and the kind of entertainment they offer.

1. Ms Rachel’s Learning Centre

Ms Rachel is a former preschool teacher whose YouTube channel has been gaining popularity among parents and children alike.

Her videos employ techniques recommended by speech therapists and early childhood experts, making learning a fun and interactive experience. Ms Rachel helps children grasp basic concepts like colours, numbers, and common nursery rhymes.

2. Gracie’s Corner

Gracie’s Corner was created by Javoris and Arlene Gordon-Hollingsworth, both of whom have professional backgrounds in education and psychology. Their channel offers a musical learning experience for kids, teaching them about numbers, alphabets, and everyday hygiene through catchy tunes.

The songs are voiced by their daughter Graceyn and cover a variety of rhythmic genres like soca, reggae, afrobeats, and trap.

3. The Brain Scoop

The Brain Scoop, hosted by Emily Graslie, is a YouTube channel dedicated to children with an interest in natural sciences.

It covers a broad spectrum of topics from scientific dissection to museum tours and lab visits. Although the channel is not currently active, it still houses a vast library of engaging and educational videos.

4. Sesame Street: Learning with Elmo

Sesame Street Youtube Channel

A name synonymous with preschool-age television programming, Sesame Street also has its own YouTube channel. This platform allows them to reach a wider audience, providing easy access to their content for children around the world. The beloved characters like Elmo, Cookie Monster, and Murray Monster feature in various educational videos, making learning a fun-filled adventure for young children.

Through engaging songs, interactive stories, and playful activities, they effectively teach important life skills and academic concepts. Moreover, the channel frequently updates with new content, ensuring that there is always something fresh and exciting for its young viewers to enjoy.

5. WordWorld

WordWorld, a celebrated product of PBS, stands out for its commitment to quality children’s programming, aiming to combine entertainment with educational value seamlessly. It offers a treasure trove of videos that not only captivate young minds with its vibrant, colorful characters and catchy music but also serve a greater purpose of enhancing children’s vocabulary in a fun and engaging manner.

Specifically, the series “Build Words With Duck” takes children on an educational journey, where Duck, a beloved character, becomes a guide through a fascinating world of words, meticulously sounding out letters and encouraging viewers to participate. This interactive approach not only reinforces the learning experience but also fosters an early love for reading and language in a nurturing and enjoyable way.

6. Baby Einstein

Baby Einstein is a YouTube channel dedicated to sparking curiosity in babies, offering a rich blend of content designed to engage and stimulate their developing minds. Through its carefully curated videos, the channel explores language, arts, and takes babies on adventurous miniseries, incorporating vibrant visuals and melodious sounds that captivate the young viewers.

Additionally, Baby Einstein emphasizes interactive learning, encouraging parents to join in and guide their babies through the colorful journeys, thus fostering an early love for discovery and education. This approach not only entertains but also plays a crucial role in the cognitive and emotional development of infants, making it a beloved resource among parents worldwide.

7. PBS Kids

PBS Kids Youtube Channel

PBS Kids houses a massive inventory of educational shows that cater to a child’s curiosity about everything from science to emotional challenges. At the heart of PBS Kids’ mission is the commitment to providing content that is not only informative but also engaging and entertaining. This is evident in the lineup of shows it offers.

“Elinor Wonders Why,” invites young viewers on a journey of discovery, encouraging them to ask questions and seek answers about the natural world. Similarly, “Wild Kratts” transports children on thrilling expeditions into the wild, where they learn about different animals and their habitats.

8. Smithsonian Channel

The Smithsonian Channel stands as a bridge connecting viewers across the globe to the rich tapestry of history, culture, and science curated by the Smithsonian Institution. Through its YouTube channel, it extends an invitation to explore the mysteries of the natural world, the intricacies of human civilizations, and the frontiers of space without leaving the comfort of your home.

Each video is crafted with the aim to educate, inspire, and entertain, making learning an engaging experience for viewers of all ages. Whether you’re a history buff, a science enthusiast, or simply curious about the world, the Smithsonian Channel offers a treasure trove of content that is both informative and fascinating.

9. The Dodo Kids

The Dodo Kids is a channel dedicated to children who love animals. It features heartwarming, playful animal stories, incredible rescue stories, and chronicles newborn animal journeys.

Through engaging content, it inspires children to appreciate the wonder and diversity of the animal kingdom, fostering a generation of empathetic and informed animal lovers.

10. TED-Ed

TedEd Youtube Channel

TED-Ed is a channel by the same non-profit that brings us TED Talks. It produces animated shorts that challenge young viewers to use their brainpower and think outside the box.

Moreover, the platform encourages interaction through “TED-Ed Clubs,” which allow students to create their own TED-like talks, fostering public speaking and presentation skills in a supportive environment. Their content is more suited for older kids as it covers abstract topics.

11. National Geographic Kids

National Geographic Kids not only entertains but also educates its young audience by providing them with a diverse range of content that stimulates curiosity and encourages learning about nature, culture, and science via adventurous field trips and cool experiments.

Additionally, this platform offers interactive games and quizzes that reinforce the educational content, making learning both engaging and enjoyable for kids.

12. Little Baby Bum

Little Baby Bum is a British YouTube channel that stands out for its vibrant 3D animation and a delightful mix of catchy original songs alongside classic nursery rhymes. Aimed primarily at toddlers and pre-schoolers, this channel serves as an engaging educational tool that facilitates early learning concepts, such as numbers, colours, and animals, through song and storytelling.

Additionally, it has gained global recognition, amassing a large following worldwide, which attests to its universal appeal and effectiveness in entertaining and educating young minds. Through its thoughtful content curation, Little Baby Bum not only entertains but also fosters a love for learning and creativity among its young audience.

TV vs YouTube: Which is Better?

Youtube Kids App

TV and YouTube both have their pros and cons when it comes to children’s entertainment. While TV has scheduled programming and a more controlled environment, YouTube offers a vast range of content and the flexibility to watch anytime, anywhere. As a parent, it’s important to monitor and control what your child watches to ensure they are consuming age-appropriate and educational content, so you might want to consider the YouTube Kids app, which only hosts child friendly content.

YouTube allows for more interactive and personalised content. Channels like the ones listed above offer engaging and educational videos, making learning fun and exciting. While TV shows can also be educational, the interactive nature of YouTube can be more engaging for young children.

However, with freedom comes responsibility. Parents need to ensure that the YouTube content their children are consuming is safe and beneficial. Setting up parental controls, using YouTube Kids, and subscribing to trusted channels can help create a safer environment for kids on YouTube.

In conclusion, whether TV or YouTube is better largely depends on how it’s used. Both platforms can be beneficial when used correctly and in moderation. The key is to strike a balance between entertainment and education, and between screen time and playtime.